Wednesday 9 December 2015

Please don't be ignorant!

I am writing this blog to explain/clarify to some of the people who are baffled about my name Isis. My friends call me Isis (short for my middle name Isydia). I've used this name for like ever! If you are one of the non thinking media generation product well this blog is for you so pay attention! You don't want to be like this soldier guy here: or have others talk about your ignorance like this:

Isis is the mythological Goddess of love and magic! Yes believe it, its true! Here is a link on Wikipedia and if you don't have attention deficit and can read a very short article about it []

I had to change my web site URL, email, social media and write explanations including this article all because the world is filled with ignorant people who stopped thinking! If you want to learn about me then perhaps you can read my web site especially the section “about me”; stop generalizing/stereotyping and begin to do this strange concept called “thinking”

This is for the people who say the media is not calling them Isis, but the terrorists chose this name; my response to this:  ignorant people legitimized them by accepting it! Since when do we allow bad people to dictate? Whatever happened to “ we will not let them win by living our lives the way we want!”

If you follow a doctrine that hurts people, animals, our planet as a whole, if your life is governed by fear and forced on others, or you are a racist against peace loving humans; then you are not my friend and I stay far from those with racist thoughts or preachers who force their lifestyle on others!.

I hope this sheds some light for some of “you”!

Friday 15 May 2015

About me

People always ask me about my religion, some ask about my political views and what I think about world events; therefore, in this section of my web site I decided to answer some of those questions and shed light on the subject.
I have incredibly liberal views about everything. In today's day and age and the history humanity had thus far I believe we are all human and live on this beautiful planet of ours. I don't believe in borders and countries. I think we as humans should not compete on a country level and fight wars for power and resources because this hurts our planet and destroys our humanity. I think religions of all kinds should not be part of government or any part that involves power. Lastly freedom of speech or freedom in general it either exists or it doesn't! I believe everyone should be free to say and do what they want including hate speeches; as long as it does not harm others. Freedom of speech should entitle anyone to say, write anything about anyone and that includes hate speeches racial slurs...etc. Just think about my argument for a second, if you say bad things then good people will shun you out of their lives which in return will discourage you from being bad in general. It is only when we start putting rules and regulations to everything is when people start to exploit situations and dramatize events to create pros and cons and manufacture conflicts. Let people say what they want and nature will take its course filtering out bad seeds.

My political views
My political views [It's the same toilet, no matter where you go, with different shit in it!] I think there is a small group of influential people who control all politics on a global level. What you see on the media (anywhere in the world) is nothing but social engineering designed to control how you think and behave. It does not take a genius to realize that no mater where in the world regardless of political parties race or culture, all politics follow the same trends globally. Therefore, I choose to opt out from participating in such a futile system. I don't believe in race or countries, I think we are all humans living on planet Earth and if we don't start to think that way then we are doing nothing but contributing to our demise as species.

My religious views
Religion prays on the ignorant asking to believe in illogical far fetched can't be proven stories and threatens non believers with horrible consequences. I don't believe in indoctrinated blind faith traditions and religions that brought nothing but war hate and misery through out history on man kind. I really have major problems with preachers who use fear and ask for blind faith to make me follow a doctrine with rewards after you die...these are the traits of a con artist for control. I freed myself from the shackles of religion. It is also important to mention that I am not an atheist and I don't believe in any of today's belief systems. I am simply still searching for the truth about our creation. I RESPECT someone else's beliefs even if they conflict with mine as long as someone else's beliefs do not harm others! ..and we are all human and EQUAL! I do not discriminate against any culture or race! I talk to anyone!

I don't believe in activists. I think activists might have good intentions at heart but they are misguided! History always shows that people in power will always get what they want. It is in my opinion that saboteurs embedded with activists to derail them from the root of the issue and have their efforts diverted to a loosing cause. I think activists are gullible and fall for many obvious traps set by the very people these activists protesting against. You cannot fight a tyrannical system with protests because all what you will accomplish is simply nothing. Also you cannot use violence and force because the powerful are just that! They got jets, drones, name it so fighting with force is another losing battle and in my opinion violence spawn more of the same. You don't fight fire with fire! Instead you extinguish it! How? Don't feed the fire by non participation! No protest, no violence, no fighting, just simply do not participate in a system you don't believe in. Don't vote, don't invest, don't buy, don't subscribe to cable to...etc use minimum of what you need to get by and that's it. If everyone does that to any system it will fall apart over night.

Empathy, it is your absolute net worth!
Our true beauty lies in the mind and heart and in that sense we are all equally beautiful; it is not always people can see that.
I do not discriminate. I talk to all people regardless of background, color, shape age or whatever else society made us believe to be.... If you can't understand that then I feel sorry for you and I follow what I preach so I move away from people with racist thoughts. As to what I find attractive, its your mind I look for, how positive and how you live your life is what appeals to me and not how you look or what you possess.
I was asked once about the single thing that will impress me the most, I'd have to say empathy.... I will judge you by your empathy and how much of it you posses because its the direct link to your humanity...the less empathy you have the less value you are to me. I will also add to this the biggest thing I hate in people would be hypocrisy! People who are too afraid to defend the right and stay silent or “neutral” when witnessing wrong. If you can't stand up for what you believe in then you are worth nothing to me!

In conclusion, don't steel, don't kill, don't rape, don't fight wars, don't hurt animals, don't destroy our planet, help others, be kind, don't be a hypocrite, don't stand for values that harm others, don't take sides, and be just; these are principles every man of every faith can embrace! After all; it is my belief that we are here in this reality to have an experience and life is nothing but a dream it can be shaped and recreated in the way you envision it. I choose to free myself from the shackles of society, religion, traditions and my journey is mine alone. I don't care what others say. I don't need to defend my beliefs to anyone. I do what feels right to me and I keep in mind to be respectful to those around me. I will walk my own path and your approval is not needed!
Hope I shed some light on the subject “about me”