Sunday 3 January 2016

Freedom it either exists or it doesn't!

When close minded people start bombarding me with hate emails about my views, specifically freedom of speech, I think if those people were truly enlightened they would ask for clarification before jumping to conclusions!

I will not conform to societies beliefs just because of peer pressure; people are afraid to stand up for what they believe in, they allow the few to dictate to the many. Instead, I will clarify my views more detail and keep in mind my journey is mine alone. I don't care what others say. I will not defend my beliefs to anyone. I will walk my own path and your approval is not needed!

Freedom exists or it doesn't! If you dictate boundaries then it's no longer freedom!

People should be allowed to publish articles expressing their personal views on sensitive subjects such as religions, holy characters...etc without fear of reprisal. Writing something that does not represent your views, but, instead convinces others to take action to hate, discriminate or directly harm another individual or group is not freedom of speech, it's a citation to violence and discrimination. There is a clear distinction here!!! This citation to violence and discrimination is seen all over the media in all parts of the world, also in religions, and between ethnic groups...etc.

Enough labeling, and belonging to groups! People should quit spreading their beliefs on others. Instead live your life the way you want and let others do same! There is no need to voice what you are, just say you are human living on planet Earth. Diversity in human race should be nurtured and without it life will not flourish!

An example of freedom of speech, is what I wrote in this article, I am expressing my views without cultivating or asking people to take action against any religion, culture or individual(s). Many people will not agree with me, but, that's part of living in a free society! The moment I start saying ban religions and lets kick out specific races...etc then it is no longer freedom of speech but rather a citation to violence and discrimination.

In conclusion, try this concept called thinking, don't be a hypocrite and stop being so politically correct because you are afraid!