Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Please don't be ignorant!

I am writing this blog to explain/clarify to some of the people who are baffled about my name Isis. My friends call me Isis (short for my middle name Isydia). I've used this name for like ever! If you are one of the non thinking media generation product well this blog is for you so pay attention! You don't want to be like this soldier guy here: or have others talk about your ignorance like this:

Isis is the mythological Goddess of love and magic! Yes believe it, its true! Here is a link on Wikipedia and if you don't have attention deficit and can read a very short article about it []

I had to change my web site URL, email, social media and write explanations including this article all because the world is filled with ignorant people who stopped thinking! If you want to learn about me then perhaps you can read my web site especially the section “about me”; stop generalizing/stereotyping and begin to do this strange concept called “thinking”

This is for the people who say the media is not calling them Isis, but the terrorists chose this name; my response to this:  ignorant people legitimized them by accepting it! Since when do we allow bad people to dictate? Whatever happened to “ we will not let them win by living our lives the way we want!”

If you follow a doctrine that hurts people, animals, our planet as a whole, if your life is governed by fear and forced on others, or you are a racist against peace loving humans; then you are not my friend and I stay far from those with racist thoughts or preachers who force their lifestyle on others!.

I hope this sheds some light for some of “you”!